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tv   [untitled]    July 25, 2012 12:00am-12:30am PDT

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captioned by the national captioning institute >> good afternoon. i would like to call this meeting of the public utilities commission to order. madam clerk, please call the roll. >> [roll call>> we have the mine july 10 meeting. any additions, corrections, or motions? >> seconded. >> those in favor? >> aye. >> the motion carries. public comments? this is a time for the public to address the commission for matters under howard jurisdiction but not under itthe item list. i have three cards. >> commissioners, i think that
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some of you were at pier 50 for the first session. may i address you all on some issues? in fact, just for you all to recall, the first one was -- how is the community, the bayview hunters community, going to play a role in the future projects? most importantly, the sewer system project. then i also addressed the consolation and pointed out. i asked you all to do your own findings and find out who consumes more money, more water, not money -- it comes to money, but more water.
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is it the residence? or the big operations? that is all. i posed a question. is there a tendency to big operations? if so, why? and did the residents of san francisco consumer the water? i agree that sustainability goals, why should they be penalized? i pose that question to you. now, they're going to have these workshops. you already had one workshop. the community really does not know if the digesters believe placed. when are you really going to work on the digesters? we need to revisit that. not by having another workshop,
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but by hosting it i website so that people can read in plain language and no the time. in this sewer system improvement project, when the digesters will be placed, when they will be placed, but type of technology will be used, and if it will get rid of the stench that we have today, 247. that is one thing that can be done without another workshop. today you all are going to have another workshop. the community does not know about it, but those that cared to look into this will be present for that workshop. i will see if i have time to contribute to that workshop. but i am here to make sure that you are paying attention to your deliberations. thank you very much.
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>> thank you. mr. -- ms. chandler? >> i have been a resident in bayview hunters point for half of a decade. what i find shocking is i took a tour of the southeast treatment plant and five -- and found out that one of the digesters is broken and that the stench and the smell that we have been smelling for all of these years are the chemicals, called nitrogen oxide. it breaks down the solids, the process of the sewage breaking down all of the waste from all areas of the borders. particularly the area is used to bring down the process for sewage in the bay area. it is a shame and disgrace for this organization to allow that stench, which causes respiratory problems, illness, and also a
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possibility of death. the smell that we have been smelling for a decade, how can this organization allow this to go, knowing that there is a broken digester that is open? it would not have been done in any other community. honestly, i think the bayview hunters point needs to organize and have a class-action lawsuit. we have been smelling it for years. why would someone not organizing and make this a priority? bayview is so underserved. the people are tired of coming in screaming and hollering without being heard. i can see why they do not want to come to these meetings. you say you are going to do something about it, but it never has been done. the time is to get those digesters in. we are suffering.
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the sewage smell, it is a disgrace and shame. thank you very much. here are copies of the breakdowns of the bowel movements we have been smelling in the chemicals for all of these years. it is a disgrace and shame for you it to have recognized this and not done anything about it. blacks thank you. ms. jackson? >> good afternoon. i do not think i can beat that. but, i was not at your last -- i was not at your last meeting and i was told that the workshop was going on and that they would not be coming in place until maybe 2019. i came for two weeks, became
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ill. today i said to myself that i cannot just sit at home and not come here and not tell you all that this is unacceptable for us to continue to work, for those at digesters to go in. we were told 10 years ago that those were coming in. this is what is going on and it would not happen in another community. no other community would allow this to go on. you would not allow it to happen in your neighborhood. what i hear is that from all the money being spent, one of the reasons that the venture was passed was because the first time it went on the ballot, at that time i told the director i would not support it. i was a member different
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homeowner groups in san francisco and it failed. when she came back to miss jackson, because of earthquakes coming, we would not have water. i said -- ok, i will support it. i supported everything for them to take care of my community. guess what? we are not being taken care of. i am tired of going to meetings and hearing people say -- differing groups have been formed in the last 10 to 15 years. they are receiving funds and working in my community. i want to know what they are doing. i do not see anything. i have been involved in the health department. the madness going on in my community. and then i hear the you have all hired someone to work with us. why do you not all come to hunters point and have a little
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discussion with the commission? and have the commission get someone to come to you to give you advice? you know, i do not need you all sending nobody to me for no advice because they do not know my community. i have been there since 1948. i have been smelling that stink for all of these years. but i did not know that it had, and this young lady presented it to you that i am inhaling those toxins, when the wind blows. it comes right into our systems. please, do not wait no longer. do not have no more workshops. stop working, start building. putting those digesters in. thank you. >> any other public comment? mr. bryant?
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>> good afternoon. i do not really have a comment, but today i came because i have a group of the views -- youths from hunters point. i wanted you all to be seen by kids and some junior adults. i just wanted to make you aware that if they come in, i have not organized them to take over the meeting. >> there is a thought. [laughter] >> i just wanted to make you aware. they just want to come in, take a look, and see how the political process works in our town. wanted to make you aware. thank you. >> thank you. any other public comment?
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yes, please. >> hello, i was born and raised in the bay view community. today i stand here on behalf of my immunity, asking still for the digestive. i remember when it was first brought to our community. i was surprised that they were going along with that. i felt -- why can this not be like the avenues? like it has been said, we have been smelling this for years and years. you could smell that eating in the morning. at around 5:00, stand there with us, who are living in it.
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i am very surprised, after all of these years, thank you. >> thank you. any other public comment bella -- public comment? our first workshop will be on the collection system. then we will come back with both of those pieces, coming back for us to make decisions on the rate impacts that we want. i think that it would be helpful -- i know that several of us have been hoping for a long time to get the project moving. as part of that workshop, could we have some discussion as to what the issues are?
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>> commissioners, of course the schedule that we are hoping to have after today's discussion will be back to you on august 20 where it can be tightened up and quickened. the digesters have always been at the top of the list. this is something that we have to do. we know about it. we have talked about how fast it can be done and have brought it back. >> the commissioner and i have been pushing for a long time to get moving on that. >> i have one thing to add.
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the speaker that left the room -- >> chandler. >> yes and i am asking if it is appropriate for a share, for each response to those questions. and it will be a collective discussion >> all right, and moving on to variegations >> i would like to -- various
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regulations. >> i would like to look at the real-estate man now. >> i have been waiting for a very long time for this. not just months, but years. the value is about $60 million there are five on none of of secondly, i looked to -- i am not going to say that it is light and that is money where we
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do not have to utilize these properties. i ask you for a tight timeline as to whether we live at but i am going to press very hard on this, and it has been many years and if we are going to horror this is the garden for
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the inherent so, we are trying to develop a e.d. hill scheduled. this is what happened before. >> 36 is today, so we could probably get something, if you would like, as we move forward.
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>> -- >> questions to four. >> in assessing a two stet -- two step process. i would like to fulfill the requests. thank you. >> i just have one thing to add. in the summary letter, one thing that was not included but we got a late distribution was a letter from moscow. -- boscow. we went to one of their meetings last week. they had asked bad back, as he was leaving office, to give some
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box on what had been accomplished and what they have, how they do that there way of life but it -- by the tet -- by the fed over the tenure. per acknowledgment was a very nice event >> the other communications -- event. the other communications items? >> -- items?
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>> other communications items? >> i want you to know that these kids they are probably 10 minutes in the good. if you do not mind, i would like to stand up and if you all could just say hello to them, all of the kids. >> hello. >> welcome. [applause] all right. but i just wanted to say thank you. as you know, they have a 10 minute the attention span. they wanted to come down here and see how a city hall works. they always ask about the drinking water.
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we will not discuss the treatment project today, but this is a good start and we wanted to a knowledge you all. >> thank you for bringing them. welcome. i think that learning how a city hall works is worth about 10 minutes. [applause] >> we are still working on it, right? >> i am honored to say thank you listening to everyone coming forward to express their views he will -- hopefully they will soon learn and to attend, aspiring to be in one of these seats on monday. >> moving on to the general manager. >> good afternoon. there are four items on the
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general managers' report. the first is the update on the southeast facility. we can work on that verbally or go to the second item. your choice. >> a brief verbal would be great, i think. >> that afternoon. i also want to welcome our friends and visitors from district 10. as the mother of a 2-year-old, i am very impressed that they can sit for two minutes. and given the joint meeting the new law had in march, staff has been working lately with the department of public works and their architects around the designing and planning for these
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improvements. today, they have completed the preliminary design for the construction, which would take place on the second floor of the building. if you are familiar, the second floor is not where you think it would be. it is the second entrance where the southeast staff will be. that wing, with that door, but be the first phase of the improvements. that will be the anchor tenant on that floor. hopefully the construction will begin in october and over four months of the department of public works will start the binding -- designing faces two through four. the idea being that the construction would happen in phases so that men.
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that is where we are. we have had continuous conversations with members of the southeast commission in the community members, including the leadership at city college as well. >> when is the anticipated completion rate? >> they're looking at anything from 2014 in -- and final completion to the first phase of construction, which would allow the charter school to come in, that will be completed in the spring of 2013. they would be phenomenal in the sense of a huge improvement.
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in terms of modernization. quack's part of what is working around it is the community college districts casual. >> vhs say is all that i would say, that with regards to the timeline they should be offered relocation. >> thank you. we have a follow-up on this item from mr. didoda [-- dicostra. >> commissioners, you have been to the southeast facility many times. you have heard me talk mostly
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about what the community wants. today i want to stress a point that you have heard before, but i think you are not paying attention to it. when the southeast facility commission was built, if someone knows the history? the leader is adapted at that time, and i hope more today, they respected their elders. few go to the facility today and you the will hand people -- in previous years, cash, and you will see seniors who had to go through our lot to survive.
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why am i here to speak on this today? if we do not have someone who understands the true history as to what transpired in that building and it is changed with a curve ball, what we do is read this respect the community. there is a lot happening in the community. our city, our mayor, the board of supervisors may think that they do not have to represent. let me finish by saying this, and i hope i do not come here too many times. today is one of the last
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meetings from quite good friend, a current manager of sf news. i stated this before, i've personally requested my friend do right by the community. we do not want to do right by having some limits -- gimmicks. we wanted to have the community at the tables of the week ahead of the writ. >> thank you very much. nathaniel with the general managers' report. >> the next item has a lease update.